Gundam X Huf Collaboration


Gundam X Huf Collaboration

Building from Gundam Wing’s pinnacle ‘90s mecha and innovative approach,

HUF x Gundam Wing goes in with engineered prints, oversized graphics,

and nods to the collector culture that made it a phenomenon.

The Gundam Wing Crewneck Sweater features unique jacquard-knit artwork

from the legendary franchise in a classic cotton sweater construction.

Mixing classic pitch style with stylized anime, the Wing Unit Soccer Jersey features

all-over sublimated artwork and a lightweight jersey construction.

oversized graphics, and nods to the collector culture that made it a phenomenon.

The Gundam Zero One Sherpa Jacket mixes outdoor aesthetics

with tech-forward anime with jacquarded RX-78-2 back

print artwork and high pile 380GSM construction.




Meets Street Style:

The HUF Collaboration

In an eclectic mix of mech and streetwear, Gundam has teamed up with the iconic skate brand HUF to release a collection that’s truly out of this world.

The line-up includes hats, jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, and knits, each emblazoned with the distinctive Gundam units,

embodying a fusion of anime culture and street fashion.


The collaboration is a homage to Gundam’s storied history, which dates back to 1979 when the first series “Mobile Suit Gundam”

revolutionized the mech genre with its complex themes and the introduction of the “mobile suit” concept.

This series not only captivated audiences with its intricate storytelling and dynamic action sequences but also set the standard for the mecha anime

that followed, inspiring countless sequels, spin-offs, and an entire industry of model kits known as Gunpla.


On the flip side, HUF, founded in 2002 by professional skateboarder Keith Hufnagel,

has made its mark on the skateboarding and fashion scene with its high-quality apparel and sneaker offerings.

Hufnagel’s vision for a shop that could double as a community hub for the skateboarding scene has since blossomed into a globally recognized brand

that encapsulates the essence of skate culture.


This collaboration is not just a crossover; it’s a statement.

The collection pieces are not only stylish but also a canvas that showcases the innovative spirit of Gundam and the laid-back,

yet edgy vibe of HUF. Fans of the anime and streetwear aficionados alike can appreciate

the intricate designs and quality materials that bring this partnership to life.


From the intricate stitching on the hats that capture the sleek lines of the Gundam units to the bold prints

on the T-shirts that seem to bring the mechs to life, every item is a piece of wearable art.

The jackets and hoodies serve as a testament to the enduring appeal of both brands,

with Gundam’s futuristic allure seamlessly blending with HUF’s urban grit.


The collection’s color palette ranges from stark black to vibrant hues,

reflecting the diverse visual themes found in Gundam series and the eclectic nature of streetwear.

Each piece, whether it’s the “Endless Waltz” blue cap or the knit sweater with a striking Gundam print,

tells a story of legacy and innovation.


Sustainability is also a key component, with HUF’s commitment to quality and longevity mirrored in the durable materials chosen for this line,

ensuring these pieces will last as long as the timeless tales of Gundam.


To sum it up, the Gundam x HUF collection is a celebration of two cultures coming together,

creating something greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a must-have for those who stand at the intersection of nostalgia and contemporary style,

who want to wear their passions on their sleeve, quite literally.



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