Unveiling the Maison Kitsune Wool Cardigan: 


In the world of contemporary fashion, where design meets the rhythm of music,

Maison Kitsune stands out as a beacon of innovation.

The creative minds of fashion designer Masaya Kuroki and music maven Gildas Loaëc have intertwined

their passions to create a brand that resonates with the beat of the modern era.

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce the Maison Kitsune Women’s Double Fox Head Patch Wool Cardigan

– an emblem of style that transcends the ebb and flow of trends.

This cardigan isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a narrative woven in the finest threads of 100% wool,

presenting itself in a trio of hues that whisper elegance in every stitch.


1. Ecru: The Purity of Style



2. Timeless Black: The Quintessence of Versatility


3. Beige Melange: The Harmony of Neutrals




1. Ecru: The Purity of Style

With our model gracing the cardigan in size S, standing at 168cm with a lean frame, the Ecru shade embodies a crisp serenity.

It’s a canvas where the playful double fox head patch comes to life, a subtle nod to the brand’s emblematic creativity.








2. Timeless Black: The Quintessence of Versatility
Again, modeled by a 168cm vision of grace, the Black variant stands as a testament to the cardigan’s versatility.

Whether it’s a casual outing or a romantic evening, this cardigan adapts, making it an essential wardrobe staple.








3. Beige Melange: The Harmony of Neutrals
The cardigan in Beige Melange, worn by a 173cm model, brings a warm harmony to any ensemble.

It’s a celebration of neutral tones, offering a comforting embrace without compromising on sophistication.









Each cardigan promises a fit that’s snug yet liberating, falling just right without overwhelming the silhouette.

It’s a testament to Maison Kitsune’s commitment to quality, crafted with care in Portugal and beyond.

It’s a garment designed not only for this season but for many to come, versatile enough to pair with a plethora of bottoms and moods.


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Product Details:

Name: Maison Kitsune Cardigan
Product Code: GW00544KT1036
Colors: Ecru (P700), Black (P199), Beige Melange (H250)
Material: 100% Wool
Origin: Portugal & other countries
Size: Versatile fits acknowledging individual uniqueness
Please Note:
Due to the unique contours of each individual, precise sizing may vary – we appreciate your understanding.

Disclaimer: Each body is a canvas of different shapes and sizes.

While we provide a general sizing guide, we acknowledge the uniqueness of every individual’s form.

This translation captures the essence of the original content, presenting the cardigan as a versatile,

high-quality fashion item that’s suitable for different occasions and fits a variety of body types.

The product is available in three colors and made with 100% wool, highlighting Maison Kitsune’s brand heritage.






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